Born Everywhere, Raised in Britain

To everyone living in the UK… Did anyone see the feature in this Saturday’s Guardian? Caroline Irby photographed and interviewed children who were born in countries all over the world – but are now living in the UK. I think it’s a great project… the results make for insightful reading and viewing.

Check it out here –


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SATURDAY 30TH AUGUST :: 3:02PM – eveyone was asked to take one photo at their local time. Check out life @ 3:02 as it happened…


Hey everyone, firstly, let me apologize for taking so long to sort this blog out – i’ve been so busy i haven’t had a spare minute! But it’s up and running now, so please take a look!

The 40 photos featured here are in no particular order – there’s no ‘winner’ as it was never intended to be a competition…

I haven’t necessarily gone for the technically best photos, more the photos that I think really capture a moment (although some, as i think you’ll agree are technically AWESOME!)

I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone that took part – the response and quality has been amazing, and far surpassed any initial expectations I might have had.

Please comment on the blog – I want to know what you all think!

One last thing — congrats to everyone featured and everyone that remembered to take a photo! 🙂

# 1

“Photo taken at Battersea Power Station – We were looking around the old site, and bought my old alarm clock to say that I WOZ ERE AT 3:02” || By Dwiko Arie Nugroho.

OK, I know i just said I wasn’t going to go for the best technical shots but I love this photo. I almost feel like everything has stopped for this one moment in time.. Extra points for finding such a cool clock!



“Drummond Island, MI, USA, ‘Somewhere In Between’ “|| By Christa Milster

Looks like good times at the end of school holidays… I love the way the guy at the back is so composed and everyone else trying to stay upright. I think that maybe one second later everyone fell into the water! Oh and I’m intrigued by what they’re standing on?!!


“Alissa, Marshall And Dale, Edmonton AB, ……hard at work at 3:02” 😉 || By Alissa Jane Thomson

This is just COOL. I want that dude to give me a tattoo! At 3:02 that guy was having something done that’s going to be with him forever. That rocks!


“Boys in Hauz Khas village, New Delhi”||By Ayesha Sood

Kids being kids and loving it. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you’ll find smiling kids!


“Shaving cream fight 😉 in Plymouth, Minnesota, USA” || By Rebecca Shapiro

All i’m saying is… I want a shaving foam party!!


“Mt Ruapehu,New Zealand’s 2nd most active volcano…” || By Matt McCrossan

This photo is by a guy I used to go to school with. He’s an ace artist- and judging by this – a great photographer too! Up in the clouds, chill. Almost like another world…


“I jumped out of the car at exactly 3:02pm Japan time to catch people walking across Shibuya crossing in Tokyo. This is reputedly the busiest pedestrian crossing in the world” || By Matthew Hodgson

So compare this to the photo above… exactly! You can feel the fast pace of life… and it’s in Tokyo, so that makes it cool without even trying!


“Cape Town, South Africa – It was a gloomy day but spirits were high” || By LeRoy Cupido

I always forget that some countries are in a different season… Love the way this girl is loving life, even if it is raining and her umbrella just got busted..!


“A random skater on Martin Place, Sydney, a quiet saturday afternoon” || By Christian Carus

Nice moves. Notice the 3 and the 2 in the background?


“Blogging in Kenya” || By Dennis Kimambo

No matter where you are in the world, you can blog… love the way everyone is crowding around to see what’s being written. In fact check out what was written – hit up


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OK, this task is proving seriously tough. I’m sure I’m going to kick myself for leaving some of my faves out… But here goes it…


“London, Shoreditch, view from my flat. ‘The devil wears Prada but the people wear Plimsoles’ shop” || By Chris Phillips

So East London…


“Go Cubbies! Taken in my family room in Maple Grove, Minnesota” || By Kris Campea

Typical Saturday afternoon in front of the TV… and it has to be sport – saturdays and sport just go together (well certainly for my brother and dad!)


“Juno Beach, FL -The highest hills we have” || By Sara Tasini

Juuuuump! Energy!! Has he had a can of red bull?!


“3.02 in West Kensington, London” || By Camilla Garton

This dude with the afro is a star, and he doesn’t even know it!


“I had to run out of the hairdressers for the photo, and was desperately hoping that the very pregnant one in the floppy hat would manage to have her baby at just the right time. Unfortunately not. She’s still pregnant – and happy to show off her tummy in the name of ‘art’ for 3.02” || By Georgia Arnold

To check on baby progress click here 🙂

Some people really were quite into this concept 😉


“On the beach in Domburg, Netherlands. We just got out of the water and hurried to the bag to grab the camera… nice hot day, one of the last before summer is over” || By Martin Johannsen

Happy men, everyone likes happy men!


“First born kitten! the timing was perfect! My Home, Gzira, Malta at 3:02pm, August 30th, 2008” || By Piero Timpano

I dont think this photo requires any commentary… amazing… talk about right place and time 🙂


“My favorite place to be on a Saturday afternoon: at the English Bay Starbucks in Vancouver, BC with my music, my grande dark roast and my crossword. Yes, I’m pretentious” || By Simon Clarke

I love this photo as it’s so chill. What weekends are for…


“City of Covina, L.A. County USA” || By Ilia Lasierra

There’s a really great energy to this shot, i feel inspired!!


“On August 30th, 2008 at exactly 3:02pm, my family and I were engaged in a family ritual of canning tomato sauce for the year. The picture shows the final boiling of the sauce as it is put into jars. It is also the anniversary of my father’s death so the weekend is a welcome, warm, wonderful memory of all things family!” || By Jeannie Scalzo

I just totally love the story behind this shot… (and i love tomatos)

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It’s not getting any easier!


Not sure of the location – but it was submitted by Erica Brewster

Is this the cutest photo in the world ever? What’s the little dude in the yellow shirt finding so intriguing about the wall?!


“Mexico D.F, COYOACAN, Calle Aguayo. View from my room; the churros guy just arrived! Good thing I had a look at this time!” || By Eléonore Hamelin

Notice the kid on the back of the truck…!


“In this area, Dragon flys are all around us, you have to marval at their design. I was lucky enough to see this one basking in the sun, and it didn’t even fly off when I got within 12 inches of it with my camera (a poser). Taken in Bedfordshire, England” || By Gordon Tant

Amazing detail.. what’s he holding on to?


“3:02 in Blacksburg, VA” || By Jessica Nicole Pringle

Great photo, there’s a real nice stillness to it. What is he thinking, i wonder?


“Finishing summer homework”
3:02 PM, Los Angeles, CA, USA by Sarah Wexler

Funny – and totally captures the eugh feeling of homework at the weekend 😉


“Oak Park, California – Before a party in a drastic attempt to eat, get ready, while making magazine clip-out poster board for a friend Rio Blue” || By  Sam Avishay

Love the grilled cheese sandwich among the chaos!


“Lokalni vikingi. Ha ha, štekate? Lokalni…? V lokalu…?” || By Blaz Berlec

The things some people got up to at 3:02…!


3:02 PM, “Target in West Seattle” || By Minoru Uchida

Reminds me of a scene out of that movie GO! – They sure like red at Target…


“yay for sleepovers and trips to the zoo with your friend and older brother. and for trucks too, i guess” || By Sara Weyenberg

…and yay for this photo – it rocks!


“Taken two minutes after I had finished playing music at an outdoor reception in Vamdrup, Denmark” || By Tore Dencker

Random bouncy castle – wooo!

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I like them all… help!


“Street musician rehearsing on the corner of Stallbron and Myntgatan, Gamla Stan, Stockholm, Sweden” || By Markus Hillborg

You can’t get more random than this…!


“Copenhagen, Denmark – Trapped at work” ||Sent by Jesper Nøhr

Noooo, not on a Saturday!


“Rochester, NY, United States -Brent diving into the pool at Locust Hill” By Katie McLean

That’s a dive and a half 🙂


“It was so great to have some sunshine at last! I was up on the roof of my flat in Camden Town in a bikini, with a big jug of water, reading Eat Love Pray. I like how the water and the door in my photo could stand for a spiritual awakening, I’m just loving the universe at the moment. pretentious, moi..!” || By Lorraine Williams

Wow, what an analogy… I’ll have to check out that book…!


“My neighbour’s cat is wondering about something..” || By Agne Aleno

… ha! maybe why you’re taking his photo? What a diva cat 😉


“This photo was taken at Jam Pot Bakery in Eagle Harbor, Mich. Local monks of Holy Transfiguration Skete Society of St. John own and run the bakery” || By Stephanie Defever

What’s he wrapping i wonder?


“A lazy afternoon in my Montréal backyard” || By Vinh Prag

Reminds me of a movie set…


” ‘eyes’ , Bodrum – Turkey” || By Başak Avcı

Chill…. cool shadow


“At 3:02 on 30 August 2008, a heron was at the water edge. Belgium.” || By Francis Bourdouxhe

Amazing colours…


“The bride and groom emerge from the wedding ceremony at 3.02”

By Amandeep Rehlon

What would this be without a wedding!!